Cluster Heads
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1/8 IPS • Diameter 3-1/2"
Arms Threaded 1/4"

D02-1-658AL        Antique and lacq
D02-1-658BL        Brushed and lacq
D02-1-658              Polished and lacq
D02-1-658SL        Satin and lacq
Arms Threaded 1/4"
SPREAD 5-1/2"
1/8 IPS Top • 1/8 1PS BOTTOM

D02-1-667AL   Antiqued & Lacq
D02-1-667BL   Brushed & Lacq
D02-1-669 Polished & Lacq
D02-1-668 Satin Brass & Lacq
D02-1-667 Unfinished
SPREAD 5-1/2"
1/8 IPS Top • 1/4 IPS BOTTOM

D02-1-662AL   Antiqued & Lacq
D02-1-662BL   Brushed & Lacq
D02-1-663 Polished & Lacq
D02-1-664 Satin Brass & Lacq
D02-1-662 Unfinished
SPREAD 7-1/2"
1/8 IPS Top - 1/4 IPS BOTTOM

D02-1-659AL   Antiqued & Lacq
D02-1-659BL   Brushed & Lacq
D02-1-660 Polished & Lacq
D02-1-661 Satin Brass & Lacq
D02-1-659 Unfinished
Other sizes can be quoted upon request
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S-type, 2-Light Cluster Body with bent down cluster arms. Solid brass, 6 1/4" end to end, 1/8F X 1/8F, with 1/8 IP arms.

B02-B0407BAL      Antique and lacqu
B02-B0407BBL      Brushed and lacq
B02-B0407BPL      Polished and lacq
B02-B0407BPL      Satin and lacq
B02-B0407B           Unfinished
No Switch Hole
H05-C680-AL        Antiqued and Lacq
H05-C680-BL        Brushed and Lacq
H05-C680-PL        Polished and Lacq
H05-C680-SL        Satin and lacq
H05-C680-UNF     Unfinished

With Switch Hole
H05-C681-AL        Antiqued and Lacq
H05-C681-BL        Brushed and Lacq
H05-C681-PL        Polished and Lacq
H05-C681-SL        Satin and lacq
H05-C681-UNF     Unfinished

2-Light w/Fount Aim
3/8" Tubing on 1 1/2" Body
Width 11 1/2" center to center
Fount 4 1/2" center to fount
H05-C685-AL        Antiqued and Lacq
H05-C685-BL        Brushed and Lacq
H05-C685-PL        Polished and Lacq
H05-C685-SL        Satin and lacq
H05-C685-UNF     Unfinished

1-Light w/Fount Arm
3/8" Tubing on 1 1/8" Body
No Switch Hole
Width 4 3/4" center to light
Fount 3 1/2" center to fount
No Switch Hole
H05-C682-AL        Antiqued and Lacq
H05-C682-BL        Brushed and Lacq
H05-C682-PL        Polished and Lacq
H05-C682-SL        Satin and lacq
H05-C682-UNF     Unfinished

With Switch Hole
H05-C683-AL        Antiqued and Lacq
H05-C683-BL        Brushed and Lacq
H05-C683-PL        Polished and Lacq
H05-C683-SL        Satin and lacq
H05-C683-UNF     Unfinished

2-Light Arm 3/8" Tubing on 1 1/2" Colonial Body Width 11 1/2" center to center
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