Cluster Bodies
This page was last updated: December 19, 2010
Rands Creative Creations
Harold Rand Enterprises
3729 Freeman Rd
Jacksonville FL 32207
904 398 7925
800 255 8052
6-1/2" BODY
Center Tap 1/8 IPS
Side Holes Slip 1/8 IPS

No Holes
D02-E5395AL   Antiqued and Lacq
D02-E5395BL   Brushed and Lacq
D02-E5395PL   Polished & Lacq
D02-E5395SL   Satin & Lacq
D02-E5395       Unfinished

5 Holes
D02-E5396AL   Antiqued and Lacq
D02-E5396BL   Brushed and Lacq
D02-E5396PL   Polished & Lacq
D02-E5396SL   Satin & Lacq
D02-E5396       Unfinished

6 Holes
D02-E5397AL   Antiqued and Lacq
D02-E5397BL   Brushed and Lacq
D02-E5397PL   Polished & Lacq
D02-E5397SL   Satin & Lacq
D02-E5397       Unfinished
Center Tap 1/8 IPS
Side Holes Slip 1/8 IPS

No Holes
D02-E5250AL   Antiqued and Lacq
D02-E5250BL   Brushed and Lacq
D02-E5250PL   Polished & Lacq
D02-E5250SL   Satin & Lacq
D02-E5250       Unfinished

5 Holes
D02-E5255AL   Antiqued and Lacq
D02-E5255BL   Brushed and Lacq
D02-E5255PL   Polished & Lacq
D02-E5255SL   Satin & Lacq
D02-E5255       Unfinished

6 Holes
D02-E5256AL   Antiqued and Lacq
D02-E5256BL   Brushed and Lacq
D02-E5256PL   Polished & Lacq
D02-E5256SL   Satin & Lacq
D02-E5256       Unfinished
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