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Solid brass Finials
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Die Cast Brass Finial Knob
1 3/8" Tall Tap 1/8F

B02-C1047AL            Antiqued and Lacq
B02-C1047BL             Brushed and Lacq
B02-C1047PL             Polished and Lacq
B02-C1047GL            Gold Leaf
B02-C1047U               Unfinished

With 1/4-27 Insert
B02-C1047-1/4-27AL   Antiqued and Lacq
B02-C1047-1/4-27BL   Brushed and Lacq
B02-C1047-1/4-27PL   Polished and Lacq
B02-C1047-1/4-27GL   Gold Leaf
B02-C1047-1/4-27U     Unfinished
Cast Brass Finial Knob
2 3/8" Tall Tap 1/8F

B02-B0974UAL   Antiqued and Lacq
B02-B0974UBL   Brushed and Lacq
B02-B0974         Polished and Lacq
B02-B0974GL   Gold Leaf
B02-B0974U     Unfinished

With 1/4-27 Insert
B02-B0974-1/4-27UAL   Antiqued and Lacq
B02-B0974-1/4-27UBL   Brushed and Lacq
B02-B0974-1/4-27         Polished and Lacq
B02-B0974-1/4-27GL    Gold Leaf
B02-B0974-1/4-27U       Unfinished