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Wyndham Vacation Resorts

We never thought we would own a time share, but we do with Wyndham since 2002. Their point system is flexible enough to fit our schedule which most of the time only allows us to vacation for short time frames! We usually can only get away for 2 - 3 day stays, with the point system we are not locked in to a week at a particular resort. We can go to any resort within the vast Wyndham system!
If this is of interest to you fill in the form below to be submitted as our referral to Wyndham! They will contact you and set up a low cost get away, you must sit through a brief (90 minute sales pitch) about Wyndham and how you can get started! You can enjoy your get away and say no thanks if that is what you decide.
Our entire family has enjoy the use of Wyndham resorts. We would be delighted to submit you as a referral!
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