Rands Creative  Creations
Ceramic figurines, lamps and pensets  from our shop. We take great pleasure in providing you with our angel and animal ceramic figurines pensets and lamps.
Brass and Wood letters and numbers. (Can be mounted on wood base or as requested) (Under construction)
Stained glass ( We have assorted roses ,flowers, animals and lighthouses also can custom make to your specifications)
Flatten glass bottles clocks, cheese servers, decorations, wind chimes and other imaginative uses! Glass rings from bottles melted to different shapes, bottle bottoms  melted to make paper wieghts  
Wood Scroll Saw names numbers and animal, crosses, key holders and more cutouts  (Custom cut as requested) (3" letter/number $1.50 per letter/number, cut out of hardwood) (Under construction)
Wood gift and accent items. Mirrors, candle holders, scroll saw wood puzzles, shelves, plaques, tables, stools, etc...)
Gifts (Birth stone angels/necklace, bears, rabbits, angels, etc, wood items, names and cutouts)
3729 Freeman Rd
Jacksonville Florida 32207
904 398 7925 (Phone or Text)
This page was last updated on: August 9, 2018
We strive to produce quality unique hand done items for your decorating needs. We may beable to modify or paint some items to your specification. Such as painting our cat items from a picture of your cat or other friend or family cats for personnel gifts! (This will require more lead time than our stardard items cost will depend on degree of difficulty)
We can make your figurine or vase into a lamp for you. We have in house drilling capability (There is always a chance that your item could break or crack, this has not been a problem)