Vase Caps Rectangular Wood
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Rectangular Poplar Wood Vase Caps
7/8" Thick Round Over Top -  3/8" Deep X 1/2" High Rabbitt Bottom
Center Hole Slips 1/8IP

Golden Oak       Burl Walnut      NaturalBlack                  Unfinished       Diameter
------------------------- Satin Poly-----------------------      Lacquered
H02-VRT100G       H02-VRT100W    H02-VRT100N      H02-VRT100BL     H02-VRT100U    2" X 3"
H02-VRT110G       H02-VRT110W    H02-VRT110N       H02-VRT110BL     H02-VRT110U    3" X 5"
H02-VRT120G       H02-VRT120W    H02-VRT120N      H02-VRT120BL     H02-VRT120U    4" X 6"
H02-VRT130G       H02-VRT130W    H02-VRT130N      H02-VRT130BL     H02-VRT130U    5" X 7"
H02-VRT140G       H02-VRT140W    H02-VRT140N      H02-VRT140BL     H02-VRT140U    6" X 8"
H02-VRT150G       H02-VRT150W    H02-VRT150N      H02-VRT150BL     H02-VRT150U   7" X 9"
H02-VRT160G       H02-VRT160W    H02-VRT160N      H02-VRT160BL     H02-VRT160U   8" X10"
H02-VRT170G       H02-VRT170W    H02-VRT170N      H02-VRT170BL     H02-VRT170U  9" X 11"
H02-VRT180G       H02-VRT180W    H02-VRT180N      H02-VRT180BL     H02-VRT180U10" X 12"
H02-VRT190G       H02-VRT190W    H02-VRT190N      H02-VRT190BL     H02-VRT190U11" X 13"