Cast Brass Colunms
This page was last updated: January 28, 2018
Cast Brass Column
Height 9-3/4”
Top Seat 1-1/2”
Bottom Seat 2-3/8”
Bulge 2-1/4”
Slip 1/4 IPS Top

D02-5-5467  Unfinished
D02-5-5467AL     Antiqued and Lacq
D02-5-5467BL     Brushed and Lacq
D02-5-5467PL     Polished and Lacq
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All  Items on This Can Now Be Finished in Gold Leaf
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Cast Brass Column
Height 10”
Top Diameter 3/4”
Bottom Diameter 1-1/2”
Bulge 3-7/8”
Slip 1/4 IPS Top

D02-5-5120  Unfinished
D02-5-5120AL     Antiqued and Lacq
D02-5-5120BL     Brushed and Lacq
D02-5-5120PL     Polished and Lacq
Brass Column
Height 11-7/32”
Top Seating 1-1/6"
1/2" Slip
Bottom Diameter 3"

D02-5-6020  Unfinished
D02-5-6020AL     Antiqued and Lacq
D02-5-6020BL     Brushed and Lacq
D02-5-6020PL     Polished and Lacq
Cast Brass Column
Height 12-13/64”
Top Diameter 1-1/8"
Bottom Diameter 2-5/8"
Bulge 3-1/2”
Slip 1/8 IPS

D02-5-6012  Unfinished
D02-5-6012AL     Antiqued and Lacq
D02-5-6012BL     Brushed and Lacq
D02-5-6012PL     Polished and Lacq
Cast Brass Column
Height 11-1/2”
Top Diameter 1”
Bottom Diameter 2"
Bulge 1-1/2”
Slip 3/4 IPS

D02-5-6014  Unfinished
D02-5-6014AL     Antiqued and Lacq
D02-5-6014BL     Brushed and Lacq
D02-5-6014PL     Polished and Lacq