Plastic Diffusers
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Translucent Diffuser - for mounting on top of the shade or in the case of hanging lamp shades both the top and bottom of Drum style lamp shades.
Made of pure white acrylic material with a slip 1/4-27 and 1/8IP center hole

Removed light bulb glare
Diffuses light
Directs light downward for accent or for improved reading light
Mid-Century Shallow Drum style shades were often accessorized with white translucent acrylic diffusers top mounted for table and floor shades and both top and bottom mounted for hanging fixtures.
Not only do these diffusers improve quality of the light, especially when using energy efficient compact fluorescent or halogen light bulbs, they also add a finished look to many table lamps. When mounted underneath, a superior look and performance is achieved for Shallow Drum hanging fixtures.
Translucent Opal Style
Acrylic Shade Diffusers
13/32” Center Hole
Slips 1/8 IPS

B02-A8340          9.5” Diameter  Fits 11 and 12 inch openings
B02-A8341        11.5" diameter, Fits 13 and 14 inch openings
D02-15-913          13” Diameter Fits 14.5 and 15.5 inch openings
B02-A8342       13.5" diameter, Fits 15 and 16 inch openings
D02-15-168         15” Diameter Fits 16.5 and 17.5 inch openings
B02-A8343      15.5" diameter, Fits 17 and 18 inch openings
D02-15-917        17” Diameter Fits 18.5 and 19.5 inch openings
B02-A8344      17.5" diameter, Fits 19 and 20 inch openings