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Flush Mount Ceiling Pans
6" Ceiling Pan
1 7/16" Height One 60W lamp holder 60 Watt Max

D02-10-840-10 Brass  Plated
D02-10-840-11 Antique brass finish
D02-10-840-15 Chrome Plated
D02-10-840-30  White          
D02-10-840-53  Satin Nickel (Pictured)
D02-10-840-66  Bronze
8" Ceiling Pan
1 3/4" Height Two 60W lamp holder 120 Watt Max

D02-10-650-10 Brass  Plated
D02-10-650-11 Antique brass finish
D02-10-650-15 Chrome Plated
D02-10-650-30  White          
D02-10-650-53  Satin Nickel
D02-10-650-66  Bronze (Pictured)
10" Ceiling Pan
1 3/4" Height Two 60W lamp holder 120 Watt Max

D02-10-860-10 Brass  Plated
D02-10-860-11 Antique brass (Pictured)
D02-10-860-15 Chrome Plated
D02-10-860-30  White          
D02-10-860-53  Satin Nickel
D02-10-860-66  Bronze
6" Fluorescent Ceiling Pan
Ballast and 1 Quad 13W Socket

D02-10-850-10 Brass  Plated
D02-10-850-30  White
8" Fluorescent Ceiling Pan
2 Ballasts and 2 PL-13W Sockets

D02-10-660-10 Brass  Plated
D02-10-660-30  White
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