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We take great pride in our solid wood parts we make in our shop! All our bases and vase cap are sanded smooth and finished light or dark. When provided unfinished we sand them to provide ready to finish surface!
Wood parts such as candle cups, candle stands, buttons and other assorted parts. These parts are provide unfinished and will require some sanding prior to finishing. All parts are available finished light, dark or painted.
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Wood Parts

H265-1       Poplar Hardwood Round Lamp Base

H265-2       Poplar Hardwood Round 3/8" Decorative Bead Lamp Bases

H265-3       Mahogany Hardwood Round Straight Side Lamp Bases

H265-4       Mahogany Hardwood Round Decorative Bead Lamp Bases

H265-5       Poplar Hardwood Square Lamp Bases

H265-6       Poplar Hardwood Square Decorative Edge Lamp Bases

    Click here For Figurine Lamp Assemblies See Base Page

H265-7       Mahogany Hardwood Square Lamp Bases

    Click here For Figurine Lamp Assemblies See Base Page

H265-8       Mahogany Hardwood Square Decorative Bead Lamp Bases


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